London's Best Vegetarian Dishes

"The longtime vegetarian staple of lentil curry, niced up with spinach, butternut squash and virtuous spiced cauli-rice. It comes with Indian salad, home-made pickles, date and tamarind chutney, tofu raita, roasted cashews and crispy onions. "


Top 10 Best Street Food in London

"You’d think a low-calorie vegan curry would be the least enticing dish on the market, but we knew from the moment they piled on the pickles that SpiceBox are serving something special. There’s so much flavour in their colourful curries you’ll never go back to vindaloo..."


Top 5 Healthy Delivery Services in London

"For all those spice lovers out there, Spice Box provides a healthy and meat-free takeaway option for those of you who are vegan or simply health conscious. Upping our veggie intake is something we all try to achieve, and these vegan curries will do just the trick! "


London's Most Exciting Street Food

"Vegan doesn’t have to mean bland, and these guys are here to prove it. The SpiceBox vegetable korma is an exemplary curry, rich with cashews and coconut and packed with perfectly cooked vegetables. Homemade pickles add a bit of tang and crunch, and your choice of rice makes sure your belly is fuller than the local curry house on match day."

London's Best Street Food Dishes

"SpiceBox's coconut and cashew korma is a miraculously creamy taste sensation that you'll barely believe is healthy."

YBF Street Food Award

SpiceB0x was shortlisted in the street food category of the Young British Foodie Awards 2016.